Hide El Madroño

The main species featured at this hide is the Northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis), with a success rate of over 90%.


Other birds of prey nesting in the area may also appear such as Eurasian sparrowhawk, common kestrel and common buzzard... if the goshawk lets them....

The hide is located is a former fruit orchard surrounded by Mediterranean forest in Casinos (Valencia), in a game reserve just a 30 minute car ride from Valencia city centre. The hide is built to house a maximum of 3 photographers. The hide's orientation affords ideal lighting conditions for photography from dawn until midday, when the mirrored glass conceals any movements inside the hide.


  • Session for 1 photographer: €80
  • Session for 2 photographers: €140
  • Session for 3 photographers: €180

*If the goshawk doesn't make an appearance photographers are offered two choices, a 50% refund or the chance to book another session for free.

*60€ Additional cost / full day, for English speaking assistance, always require during hide sessions. Total price for 1, 2 or 3 photographers. It will be charge despite hide session results.

Service includes:

  • Transport from the meeting point
  • Transport to and from the hide
  • Rules for hide use and behaviour of photographers
  • Administrative permits
  • Recommendations for local accommodation if required