El Caseto hide

This long-standing hide was built around a 30-year-old former hunting watering site. It was converted into a wildlife photography hide over 10 years ago and therefore is a favoured watering spot for the area's birdlife and nocturnal mammals. It is located in a private orchard adjacent to a gorge and surrounded by Mediterranean forest.


This watering site has two hides for two photographers each. One hide is designed for morning photography and the other for the afternoons.


Species available for photography:

  •  Frequent: European robin, black redstart, Eurasian blackcap, Sardinian warbler, Dartford warbler, rock bunting, dunnock, great tit, blue tit, black bird, thrush, European serin, crested lark, jay, European greenfinch, common chaffinch.
  • Occasional: Long-tailed tit, coal tit, common blue tit, crossbill, common redstart, Eurasian siskin, finch, Southern grey shrike, red partridge, white wagtail, grey wagtail, magpie, spotted flycatcher, mistle thrush, woodlark.
  • Rare: European green woodpecker, wryneck, sparrowhawk, goshawk, redwing.


  • Half-day session for 1 photographer: €50 (morning or afternoon session)
  • Full-day session for 1 photographer: €70 (using both hides, one in the morning, one in the afternoon)
  • Half-day session for 2 photographers: €80 (morning or afternoon session)
  • Full-day session for 2 photographers: €100 (using both hides, one in the morning, one in the afternoon)
  • Session for 3 photographers (morning): 100€. Afternoon and full day: Same as for 2 photographers*.

*Given the width limitations of afternoon hide, photographers are required to take turns photographing (the 3rd photographer may stay inside the hide), the third photographer will not be charged for the session.


*60€ Additional cost / full day, for English speaking assistance, always require during hide sessions. Total price for 1, 2 or 3 photographers. It will be charge despite hide session results.

Service includes:

  • Transport from the meeting point
  • Transport to and from the hide
  • Rules for hide use and behaviour of photographers
  • Administrative permits
  • Recommendations for local accommodation if required