El Enebro hide (Bonelli's eagle)

This hide is intended for photographing Bonelli's eagle (Aquila fasciata).


The hide is located in the region of Los Serranos (Valencia). It has interior space to house a maximum of 3 photographers. It is near the edge of a rocky cut, which gives it a good chance of taking shots in flight and visually following the birds in their movements across its territory.


  • Session for 1 photographer: 120€
  • Session for 2 photographers: 220€
  • Session for 3 photographers: 270€

* In case the raptor does not go to the appointment, two options are given to the photographer; payment of only 30 €, as expenses of that first session, or a second free session.

*60€ Additional cost / full day, for English speaking assistance, always require during hide sessions. Total price for 1, 2 or 3 photographers. It will be charge despite hide session results.

The service includes:

  • Pick up at the meeting point
  • Transport back and forth to hide, at the beginning and end of the session
  • Recommendation to use the hide and conduct of the photographer
  • Processing of administrative permits
  • Consult hotel accommodations if required

*** In order to ensure the health of the birds, the baits used come from: companies specialized in the production of raptors' food, with their own pathological laboratory, livestock farms registered in the REGA, or birds treated against Trichomoniasis, with veterinary certificate.